Missouri S&T iGEM began in 2007 with a handful of members, but has grown rapidly in recent years. We are a proud member of the Student Design and Experiential Learning Center, and participation in student-led design teams is a respected tradition on campus. Members from all majors are welcome with any level of experience. Our team is almost entirely student-directed with our advisors using a hands-off approach. Projects are designed, selected, and performed by undergraduates with advice from our wonderful mentors. An extensive lab training program ensures safety and productivity from all lab workers while allowing new members to learn the necessary skills and concepts for work in synthetic biology. Members also have opportunities to contribute to vital fundraising, public relations, and publication functions. Interested students should attend a general meeting or contact

Meyyammai Babloo Palaniappan
Chemical Engineering

Jessica Hamlett
Vice President

Erin Nischwitz
Public Relations Officer

Jiehua Jerry Wei

Kaelyn Yarbrough
Biochemical Engineering

Kent Gorday

Kira Buckowing
Lab Manager
Biochemical Engineering

Isabella Bowling
Safety and Socials Manager

Public Relations Committee
Public Relations Isabella Bowling, Delaney DeJanes, Hannah Frye, Austin Hall, Jessica Hamlett, Molly Kramer, Victoria Kramer, Keith Loveless, Nik Melton, Katherine Nelson, Daniel Sloan, Claire Wilmore

Communications & Publications Committee
Communications and Publications Kelsey Crossen, Aaron Jankelow, Emily Puleo, Daniel Sloan, Christopher Wideman

Fundraising Committee
Edna Armstrong, Robert Bougeno, Natalie Holste, Sonya Roberts, Caitlin Siehr, Jiehua Wei

Web Committee
Tarique Ahmad, Kent Gorday, Jessica Hamlett, Meyyammai Palanippan